The following harness set
and walnut display cabinet
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"Four Up" Set of Dress Horse Harness

This one-of-a-kind harness set is made of two types of leather with turn- of-the-century artistry. It includes two leader harnesses (shown above) plus two wheeler harnesses each with scaled yet identical ornate hardware. The 3-ply tug securely distributes the force of the horses to a carriage. Follow the links below for detailed photos. (Please note the cabinet is offered separately below.)

Harness front view (one horse set) Larger

Harness angle view (one horse set) Larger

Hardware Detail 1

Hardware Detail 2

3-ply tug

Harness (2 of 4) shown in use with wedding carriage in Columbus OH.

"Utilized in a carriage business, this harness set has enjoyed many elaborate settings such as weddings and celebrity events." - Bob Arbuckle



"Wooten" Walnut Display Cabinet

This lovely solid walnut cabinet is appropriate for mansion or museum, measuring 9' 6" tall, 12' wide and 2' deep. Decorative elements include crown molding, burl walnut trim, ornate carving, wavy glass, working key/keyhole, and center medallion. Currently fixtured to house four horse harnesses, the hutch top is open into base allowing leather straps to hang freely. Added elements inside cabinet were custom-built of walnut to properly support the antique harness shown above or a similarly-sized modern set. Follow the links for detailed photos. (More cabinet history found below.)

Cabinet left view

Cabinet right portion

Cabinet right portion, door open

Detail 1: Crown and corners

Detail 2: Pillar carving

Detail 3: Burl trim

"This cabinet was constructed on site in Hamilton County, Noblesville Indiana USA." We think it was built in the 1880 period by Wooten Desk Co. Its intended use was to store documents which were kept at the Hamilton County Court House. It originally contained "pigeon holes" or "honeycomb compartments" into which folded or rolled legal documents were indexed and stored. (This was before file cabinets and file folders were in common use.)

It was was used for this purpose until the 1960s, at which time I purchased it. It was shipped to Indianapolis to the Lyon Lumber Co. where it was converted for the storage of a "Four Up" Set of Dress Horse Harness. At Lyon the "pigeon holes" were removed. A new back, a solid walnut base, and walnut horse collar, saddle and bridle hanging fixtures were added." -- Bob Arbuckle




Retail Space

Four acres, 5 buildings. 1 mile off of State Highway 37. Extremely large lot with in the bustling city of Noblesville. Located directly on future pending bike/walking path. Many unique features.

More photos to come.


Irish Jaunting Car

This beauty is off to its new home in Colorado. Watch this site for more unique offerings.



Sewing Cabinets

Modular sewing cabinets can be used separately or together to form a large work surface. The compact design features a metal base with Formica top. Wheeled extension rolls out to accomodate a chair. Extended surface flips up to hold a standard-sized machine. Dimensiona: 24" wide, 54" extended, 30" tall, 31.25" deep. Seven cabinets are currently available (6 orange base/white top, 1 white base/white top).

Modular Sewing Cabinet Front View - Larger

Cabinet Base Extended

Extended Surface Upright Position

Machine in Use

Price: $50 each - does not include delivery